1. Make sure you have your service and area in the title. example being Bristol roof cleaning
  2. Make sure you add at least 500 words with at least 2% keyword density (service/area) example being Bristol roof cleaning
  3. Add all your links, website, facebook, instagram ect..
  4. Maps is good if you are based in the area
  5. Minimum 5 images (optimise your image before adding (right click on your image, add title service/area click details tab, fill out all the areas, add tags, see author? add your website here.)
  6. Definitely add questions and answers, Google loves this
  7. Ask everyone on the planet to leave a review 🙂
  8. If you pay £100 for the year add as many listings in as many areas and categories as you want, simply message me and I will publish them.
  9. The more contractors join the site the better it will do on Google, I have the means and ability to rank the site but it must have plenty of content first.

See my listing as an example https://roofcleaningdirectory.com/listing/local-roof-cleaning-service-london/