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All Things SEO

Here you will see all things SEO. Links to the courses I have have taken over the years, also the resources I utilize.

DFY Suite

I use this backlink generator regularly, its really easy to use and very effective 

Fiverr pay a low price for online marketing

Some of my favourite gigs on Fiverr

See my site here for the search term “Eastbourne Roof Cleaner”

See Steve Freemans link here, no one else is doing this here

My Reach Wash window cleaning site

Copy Writing For Content

Look at who your competitors are, are they outranking you? Use wordcount to see how many words on there home page, do the same with your homepage. The chances are they have more content, long deep home pages generally rank better on Google.

I use Jane for copy or content. She lives in Essex near LLoyd. Down to earth straightforward writing and very reasonably priced, around £18 for 1000 words. Wordcount linkClick this link to see her offers.

100 Business directory listings

This is vital that you add all your business details and links in all the best directories. When you do this MAKE SURE YOU ENTER EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION AS YOUR GOOGLE MAPS LISTING, NO VARIATIONS! Got it?

Trust me you do not want to do this yourself, its easy to mess it up, let the experts do it, and again reasonably priced. 

When you receive the file with all the directories create a new page on your website and add these 100 directories, make sure you add the links. Name the page “See us around the web” publish and then add a link to this page in the footer of your website. In doing this all the directories will get indexed by Google. Make sure you request Google to crawl and index the new page in the search console.

Buy old domains with good metrics in the cleaning niche

I buy old domains with good metrics in the cleaning niche, spam free with all the existing backlinks still in place, these will rank much much better than a new domain hands down. I create mini websites with these and add links to my main websites, its a bit like like a mini private blog network. Very powerful. I use this gig to source up to 8 old domains for me. See this gig here.

Social signals to your website are vital

Social signals to your website are vital. Google will determine your place in the search results by 3 different factors. Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO and user experience. Offsite SEO includes social signals. Google expects people to be commenting,liking, sharing your website links on Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. Forget Twitter, its fading away. Reddit and Tumblr are part of the social signals you need.

Again theres a gig i’ve used to rank my local satellite sites. He will set up IFTTT (if this then that) So you use one social platform as a feed, and the post will automatically appear on many other social platforms, and then all the likes, comments and shares are social signals ponting back to your website. Google will reward you.

Theres a lot more to add, come back for more later. admin@roofcleaningdirectory.com